HypnoBirthing Fertility Consultant Certification

Our HypnoBirthing Fertility Program provides powerful tools for the

use of Hypnotherapists in helping couples achieve their dreams of

having babies. Our program recognizes the physical, mental,

emotional, and spiritual aspects of individuals’ wellbeing which is

fundamental for fertility. By addressing fears, unresolved issues,

and past traumas, our simple, safe, powerful processes are

designed to bring deep healing in all levels to fulfil their wishes of

having babies. As a Hypnotherapist, this program will add a new

dimension to your life and career. The Fertility Consultant

Certification Training is a two-day program

In the session, I am going to show you...


  • 5 Must Know Secrets for a Positive Birth

  • Details about the 6 areas of HypnoBirthing, and how they help you enjoy your birth experience

  • What a HypnoBirthing mother looks like in labour (calm, in control, confident and relaxed)

  • How birth trauma can affect you and your baby, plus some simple tips to help avoid it

  • Real life stories from HypnoBirthing mothers

  • How you can have a more comfortable labour

  • How to reduce fear, worry and pain around pregnancy, childbirth and parenting


Registration is essential as these sessions do book out (and change lives!)


Partners are welcome and encouraged to come along.

What is HypnoMothering for Postpartum?


HypnoMothering is a set of self-hypnosis techniques for new and expecting parents to enter a state of instant relaxation, awareness and focused attention.  Completely natural, HypnoMothering allows parents to be able to fulfill their roles as care providers while thriving mentally and emotionally. 

Often the most challenging time of parenting, the first few weeks and months after childbirth, is the time period new mothers are most likely to experience anxiety and depression. During these few weeks and months, new parents face many changes and challenges.


By learning and using the HypnoMothering for Postpartum techniques, Mercedes guides new parents through one of the hardest times as a new parent; the postpartum period making the most of limited sleep. 


How HypnoMothering can make postpartum a positive experience?


Caring for a new baby is a whirlwind of feelings and challenges amidst possible sleep deprivation and physical recovery from childbirth. HypnoMothering grants you the tools to be able to find relief from the ‘new baby storm’ while continuing to care for your little one. 


It is common for the challenges of new motherhood to be overwhelming, often resulting in depression and anxiety. With the help of Mercedes and HypnoMothering, anxiety and depression can be greatly reduced, and in most cases avoided completely, while experiencing and enjoying new motherhood. 


While Mercedes will guide and coach you through your HypnoMothering experience, the ultimate goal is for you to learn the self-hypnosis techniques so that you can benefit from them at any time and in any place. By learning the techniques and applying them throughout each day as needed, HypnoMothering allows you to make your postpartum journey smoother. 


HypnoMothering for PostPartum can help you on your journey as a new mother in the following ways:


Rapid Relaxation

While still remaining alert and completely awake, your mind will be able to focus on the most important task at hand without distraction. A sense of instant calmness will foster mindfulness and balance while taking action as a mother. 


Positive Emotional Resources

Tap into positive emotions when you need it the most. Use self-hypnosis techniques to flip your emotional script during challenging moments and days. 

Hypnotic Time Distortion for Sleep

Getting enough sleep is a common challenge during early parenthood. Whether you have minutes or hours to catch up on sleep, self-hypnosis allows for your body to make the most out of the time you have. 

Connection to Baby

Hypnosis lets the fear and uncertainty of trying to decipher what your baby needs fall away while you hone in on your instincts to care for your child.


Why you should consider HypnoMothering for Postpartum


The self-hypnosis techniques learned through HypnoMothering will allow you to access your talents and thoughts mindfully without the noise of fear-based emotions. 


Welcome HypnoMothering into your postpartum experience and:


  • Be an engaged and calm new parent

  • Greatly reduce your chances of needing new prescriptions to feel better

  • Learn coping skills for challenging situations you can use in other areas of your life

  • Thrive in an otherwise challenging period of your life

  • Enjoy new motherhood


Mercedes welcomes mothers at any stage of new motherhood into her HypnoMothering Postpartum practice. For more information and to book a free discovery call, please contact Mercedes

Using the HypnoMothering techniques in conjunction with the DBL Baby Language Classes will help you feel more relaxed and better respond and understand your baby's needs.