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COVID19 - A Peaceful Birth in Halifax and Nova Scotia During the Pandemic

Updated: Jul 28, 2022

I wanted to share some important tips to support those that are pregnant or birthing during the COVID-19 pandemic.

It's definitely fair to say that we've never experienced something like what we are going through before, and with new situations, come new opportunities!

I understand that this situation might be scary and overwhelming, but this is the perfect time to go within, stop watching the news and follow these tips I'm sharing with you.


Focus on having a physiological birth.

When you are planning to birth your baby in a physiological and instinctive way, the best thing you can do is to stay at home for as long as possible!

I always tell my clients that there's only 2 reasons to go to the hospital; if:

  1. They need medication

  2. Their baby is about to be born

So if neither of these 2 things are happening, there's no need for you to go to the hospital.


Get educated!

Now more than ever, your prenatal education should be your #1 priority!

With the IWK and most hospitals around the world limiting the support people and resources you can have with you at the time of your birth, it is very important that your birth companion and you feel confident in having a physiological birth and that they know how to best support you during your birthing process!

Myself and many other Childbirth Educators are now offering classes online, which is a fantastic opportunity for those that don't have any prenatal education locally or that find in-person classes inconvenient. I have also created very flexible payment plans to support families at this time of financial instability.

We know that 2 key components to having an amazing, physiological and positive birth are your support team and your birth education! So come out and join me (virtually) at one of my free monthly sessions to learn more about the HypnoBirthing Prenatal Classes I offer and the benefits HypnoBirthing can bring to your baby’s birth and your birthing experience.


Connect, connect, connect!

Use technology to stay connected!

It is very important to remain in contact with your healthcare providers, friends, family members and even your neighbors (if they can help).

Stay connected with your loved ones between now and the time of your baby's birth, while you're in labour (if they were planning to be present) and once your baby is born. Continuous connection and support will help throughout the birthing process and postpartum period.


Practice relaxation

If you currently don't have a relaxation practice, now's a great time to start!

As I was just told by a family currently taking the HypnoBirthing Prenatal Classes online,

"Now is the perfect time to be taking the HypnoBirthing Prenatal Classes! Doing it is 'forcing' me to practice relaxation everyday, which is a great thing to do during these times."

Having a regular relaxation practice can help you:

  • Hormones: keep your HGH hormone stable, as well as secrete endorphins and limit the secretion of catecholamines (stress hormones)

  • Your Body: helps your immune system to be stronger

  • Your Baby: when you are relaxed, your baby is relaxed too! Practicing relaxation regularly during pregnancy supports your baby's growth and can make your birth a lot easier.

Learn more about practicing relaxation during pregnancy here.


Know your Options and what you can control, and focus on that.

Sometimes when you hear all that is happening around the world, you can easily feel overwhelmed and stressed, and feel like you don't have any options available to you. However, it is important to remember that there's always options available and that sometimes exploring those options is not such a bad idea.

When you explore the options you have available, you can also focus on what is truly important to you and once you have those clear, it is easier to make a plan.

By learning your options and making your plan, you can feel more in control and less stressed. Focusing on what you can control and letting go of what you can't control will help you in these times of uncertainty. Use the Hashtag #MyPandemicBirthingPlan when sharing your story.


Take care of your Mind, Body and Baby

Continue eating properly, nourishing your body and your baby, not only with the food you eat, but also with the emotions you experience and thoughts you have.

Move your body, go out for a walk (if you are able to), dance or do some prenatal yoga from the comfort of your home!

Pay attention to your sleep. Both quality and quantity is important when talking about sleep. The better you sleep, the better you will feel the next day.


Hire a Doula.

I know it may sound a bit counterintuitive to hire someone that will most likely not be allowed in the birthing room at the time of your baby's birth. However, a doula can help your birth companion and you feel a lot more confident, support you before you get to the hospital and also virtually while you're in labour (via call, text or video conference). They can also be a huge help once baby is earthside.

Utilizing a doula decreases the chances of having interventions, including having a Cesarean Birth.

I wish you peace and calm during your pregnancy and a positive and satisfying birth!

If you wish to connect, please reach out.

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