Pregnancy and Postpartum Online Support Groups


As a result to COVID-19 and the additional stress and uncertainty it is bringing to new families, Mercedes has decided to offer 2 free online support groups; one for pregnant people happening on Wednesday evenings, and the second one for people that have had their babies within the last 3-6 months, happening on Monday evenings. So if you feel like you could benefit from this, register here!


We will meet once a week and will reassess as the situation with COVID-19 changes. 

During the sessions, you will have an opportunity to talk about how you are feeling, what situations you are facing, what are your fears and limiting thoughts (and we will get rid of them), things you can do to be better prepared for birthing and life with a newborn during the COVID-19 pandemic and basically anything else you would like to talk about! Even if it's everyday stuff.

You will also be able to connect with other families that are going through the same things you are, which in my opinion is priceless, especially during times of social distancing.

Please share this information to anyone you think can benefit from it.

We also offer prenatal classes and Birth and Postpartum Doula support in Halifax, Dartmouth and Bedford NS.


As a result of COVID-19 and the additional stress it is bringing to expecting families, Mercedes has is offering 2 free online support groups meeting once per week. Learn more about them here.