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Birth Pool Rental

Considering a water birth? You'll need a Birth Pool!

We rent 3 types of pools, so you know you'll get the best choice for the birth you've been dreaming of.

Aquaborn Professional Birth Pool,  La Bassine Regular Professional Birth Pool, and La Bassine Maxi Professional Birth Pool for additional comfort. Each of them are designed with the needs of the expectant parent, partner, baby, and care provider in mind. 

And don't worry, we've got everything covered!


You'll get:

  • Birth pool for 4 weeks (2 weeks before your due date and up to 2 weeks after your due date)

  • Disposable Birth Pool Liner

  • Air Pump to inflate the pool

  • Submersible Water Pump to empty the pool

  • 2 Drinking water hoses (1 to fill up the pool and 1 to drain the pool)

  • Floating thermometer

  • Net to remove debris

  • 1 Tap adapter (for standard faucets)

  • Instructions & information on water birth and safety

Investment: $200​ CAD

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