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HypnoBirthing Prenatal Classes
For parents who want to birth differently

Ditch the fear, trauma, and wild discomfort for a birth that is empowering, calm, and everything you deserve to have.

If you'd rather a birth that was:

✓  Empowering
✓  Comfortable
✓  Calm
✓  Euphoric
✓  Incredible
✓  Something you actually enjoy

Then you've got to try HypnoBirthing!

HypnoBirth Prenatal Classes empower you to:

- Relax
- Vastly reduce discomfort
- Have a shorter, simpler birth
- Stay energized
- Eliminate fear
- Birth in a calm, comfortable, instinctive way


HypnoBirthing prenatal classes for a comfortble birth free of fear and stress, decreaed pain.

“Three midwives attended the birth and all were impressed by my ability to cope with labor. They almost didn’t make it in time, because I was coping so well and didn’t realize how far I had progressed. The skills we learned in HypnoBirthing gave us confidence and greatly eased my birthing experience. Throughout my labor I kept reciting my favorite affirmations, and I never felt any fear.  My experience fills me with joy and pride.”
- Claire G

2023 Class Dates:

* Saturdays at 9:00 am from April 1st to May13th (No class on April 8th or 22nd)
* Saturdays at 9:00 am from May 27th to June 24th

Private classes are available on request.

Classes can be provided in English and Spanish.

Give my Free Info Session a whirl to learn more about HypnoBirthing and how to achieve a positive birth experience, free of fear, stress, tension, and trauma. 

As a special bonus, you'll get a discount off my HypnoBirthing Prenatal class!

HypnoBirthing prenatal classes for a comfortble birth free of fear and stress, decreaed pain.


What is HypnoBirthing?

HypnoBirthing is a prenatal course that focuses on having a positive birth experience through the use of education, relaxation, breathing techniques, visualization, affirmations and self-hypnosis. I'll teach you all kinds of techniques to assist in the labour process.

Can my partner be with me?

Absolutely! Whether you're in person or online, birth supporters are greatly encouraged to participate.

Is HypnoBirthing really necessary?

You'll always remember how you felt during a birth, and it's important that you're able to look back on it with admiration and joy, instead of chaos and trauma. HypnoBirthing does an excellent job in helping you  have the experience you hoped for.

Through education and practice, HypnoBirthing helps you understand what your body is doing, engage your mind as a powerful tool, and release any fears or limiting beliefs you're hanging on to. It goes far beyond mainstream birthing practices, and helps you achieve the birth you deserve.

Let's make your birth one you love to think about!

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