At this time, we don't have any scheduled HypnoMothering classes, but please reach out and we will happily schedule one that works for you!

In the session, I am going to show you...


  • 5 Must Know Secrets for a Positive Birth

  • Details about the 6 areas of HypnoBirthing, and how they help you enjoy your birth experience

  • What a HypnoBirthing mother looks like in labour (calm, in control, confident and relaxed)

  • How birth trauma can affect you and your baby, plus some simple tips to help avoid it

  • Real life stories from HypnoBirthing mothers

  • How you can have a more comfortable labour

  • How to reduce fear, worry and pain around pregnancy, childbirth and parenting


Registration is essential as these sessions do book out (and change lives!)


Partners are welcome and encouraged to come along.