Understanding Your Newborn's Cries

At All 4 Mommy, we believe that every family around the world should be able to enjoy their pregnancy, birth and first years as parents.

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Benefits for Baby and You

1. Correctly identify and address the basic needs of your baby.

2. Your infant will cry less, settle more easily and have more uninterrupted sleep.


3. Experience an increase in satisfaction, self-esteem and a corresponding belief in your abilities to care for your baby.


4. Proved in several research studies that reduces postpartum depression.

5. Helps the partner feel a part of the baby’s care, as well as to trust that they are satisfying their baby's need.


6. Decreases stress in mother and partner as child becomes happier and more content.


7. And, as your baby sleeps, so can you.

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Baby listening is still only in it's infancy. Only 8 years ago, baby cries remained a mystery to mothers all over the world. When her baby cried, a mother had little choice but to search for answers via trial and error. Not hungry? Not wet? Not sleepy? Then what else could it be? This confusion often ended in more tears. And frustration.

Today, we are no longer deaf to these tiny cries for help. We can now hear what a baby is asking for via subtle, but distinct sounds produced involuntarily by their tiny bodies and then vocalized, quietly at first, before crying becomes automatic.

What's even more important than what a baby needs, is knowing exactly when, and in which sequence. Miss this narrow window of opportunity, and things can quickly get out of hand. Crying escalates, and it's much harder to return to calm.

We believe this is a revolutionary new idea in infant care. And it is making its way around the globe, as one relieved mother shares it with another. As one nurse or midwife or doctor teaches another. From Australia to South Korea, Russia to Brasil, DBL is contributing to the well-being and happiness of over one million new families and infants around the world, and counting.


We are committed to sharing a completely new way of listening to ALL newborn babies. DBL is a gentler, natural way to bring new parents closer to their babies.

Our goal: EVERY CRYING BABY HEARD Tuning-in to your new baby

By hearing with trained ears, you are establishing a lifelong foundation upon which your most treasured relationship depends. DBL empowers mothers to better care for their baby so that by crying less and settling quicker, both mother and baby can sleep more and better.


With the ability of understanding your infant's sounds, cries and visual cues comes the ability to respond quickly and accurately. This knowledge can be applied to improve almost every aspect of infant care. Feeding can improve. Baby can latch on and breastfeed better. Scientific research has shown that a closer maternal bond enhances an infant's emotional, intellectual and psychological development. Fathers can now actively contribute to this important process, with your help and guidance.


A greater sense of confidence, self-esteem and more comes from applying DBL. It is our view that an understanding of the baby language can assist mothers deal with the conditions that are commonly present in those who experience baby blues. DBL empowers a new mother to tune in to her baby's natural, daily rhythms, such that a gentle, intuitive routine becomes possible.

We provide classes in the Halifax/Dartmouth areas and online classes internationally, as well as counselling and support to parents and caregivers.


* All services can be provided in English and Spanish.