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Understanding Your Newborn's Cries

New to the world of DBL? Let me show you around!

Dunstan Baby Language allows you to learn what your new baby is communicating by understanding the different sounds they make just before they cry. 

There are sounds and movements they make that signal practical needs - think hunger, fatigue, discomfort, etc. that your baby is communicating with you - You just need to learn how to understand them! Pretty cool, right?

Wouldn't it be an incredible feeling to know what your baby wanted when they cried? No more guessing or stressing about what they're trying to communicate. Instead you get to know what they want, and respond accordingly, and that's an empowering thing as a parent!

Benefits for Baby and You

Next DBL workshops:
* Saturday February 27th at 10:00 am ONLINE
* Thursday April 22nd at 6:00 pm ONLINE

1. Correctly identify and address the basic needs of your baby.

2. Your infant will cry less, settle more easily and have more uninterrupted sleep.


3. Experience an increase in satisfaction, self-esteem and a corresponding belief in your abilities to care for your baby.


4. Proven in several research studies that reduces postpartum depression.

5. Helps the partner feel a part of the baby’s care, as well as to trust that they are satisfying their baby's need.


6. Decreases stress in mother and partner as child becomes happier and more content.


7. More sleep for babies and their parents

"I took the HypnoBirthing and DBL Baby Language courses and they were amazing. I had the most wonderful birth and when my baby was born it was easy to know what she needed! I am now pregnant with my second child and looking forward to doing it all again." 

– Marisol R.

I love to facilitate DBL Classes because the transformation that parents go through when they learn how to understand their newborn, and the confidence they gain in their abilities to respond and care for their child is absolutely priceless. 

They go from unsure that they're doing things right, to excited about their abilities as a caregiver. The change is absolutely priceless, and it's something that I want for every parent!

Classes are by registration only! This 2.5 hour class will help you recognize and understand the cues your newborn is communicating with you.

Say goodbye to the trial and error that comes with decoding your baby's cries. Instead you can quickly address your baby's needs.

Investment: $88 CAD

If you're local to the Halifax area, in-person classes are available. If not, we also host this training online!

Jump on our waitlist to be notified of our next DBL class! 

By hearing with trained ears, you are establishing a lifelong foundation upon which your most treasured relationship depends. DBL empowers mothers to better care for their baby so that by crying less and settling quicker, both mother and baby can get the sleep they need. DBL is a gentler, natural way to bring new parents closer to their babies.

We provide classes in the Halifax/Dartmouth areas and online classes internationally, as well as counselling and support to parents and caregivers.


* All services can be provided in English and Spanish.

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