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The support you need for the incredible birth you've dreamed of 

Want to have a birth that is calm, comfortable, and happens the way YOU want it to? 

You really can! I'll show you how.

Gone are the days where labour has to be an excruciating, undignified event. I'm here to help your birth become something that you look back on with excitement, knowing it was the calm, gentle journey where you met your baby. 

Through HypnoBirthing prenatal classes, Birth Doula support, DBL, and counselling, my teaching and support go beyond the practices of mainstream birth. I'll teach you ways to calm your body, even during active labour without the use of drug intervention - if that's a goal of yours! 

The perinatal period is a beautiful time, but it can also be a lot of new experiences that can be tough to handle. Expert guidance that understands what you're going through makes all the difference.

Where would you like support?


   Fertility Consultant

Sometimes getting pregnant isn't as straightforward as expected. I'll help you get to the underlying causes getting in the way of your fertility success, and set you up for a healthy pregnancy!


 HypnoBirthing Classes

Here's where I'll teach you the techniques to use your mind, body, and breathing to reduce pain and stay mentally present during your birth. It's incredible what you are capable of once you know how!


         Counselling & 

Need to talk? I specialize in fertility, prenatal, and postpartum mental health concerns. And as a counsellor and Psychotherapist, I'm here to listen and gently guide you through everything you're feeling - all the way to acceptance, action, and freedom!


Hello there! I’m Mercedes

Supporting families through all aspects of the perinatal period with hypnosis techniques is what I’m here for!

I found HypnoBirthing by accident. I knew I wanted to birth my baby without the use of pain medication, but that seemed really hard! After exploring different options, I talked to someone who had a HypnoBirthing birth, and she described it as gentle, comfortable, and powerful. She said it was like heaven on earth.

My mind was blown. I’d never heard someone describe labour like that! I knew I had to see it for myself.

After having the most incredible birth using the HypnoBirthing techniques, I knew I had to help other families experience this amazing alternative to mainstream birthing we’re familiar with. I believe that birth doesn’t have to be scary or excruciating, and I believe that with the right support and guidance, it can be the beautiful, calm way you meet your baby that you’ve always dreamed of. I want every family to know that this is a totally doable option!

I’ll teach you how to have an incredible birth that goes far beyond what we’re typically told. Why? Because I give holistic support in a way that others don’t. Forget the dramatic births you see in movies or the wild tales people around you can’t help but tell. Block that out. I’m here to support your birth in a way that is dignified, calm, and comfortable. Because that’s what you deserve.

"Mercedes was a big part of our birth story. She helped me prepare for birth, stay present during the labour, and was a huge help to me postpartum. She was an amazing support, and helped keep the calm environment for the birth that we hoped for. I was looking forward to the experience."

– Jordan W.

You'll never forget your birth experience.
Let's make it great!

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Want to hold your child without the back and hip pain? 

Choose a carrier that has the approval of Osteopaths, Chiropractors, and back specialists alike.

Plus it’s pretty cool that we’re the only authorized dealer in Canada.
Save your back without saying no to the snuggles.

Baby Carrier Halifax


Halifax & Dartmouth, NS  I  I  (902) 402-4232

We ship across Canada and provide online classes and Counselling internationally.

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