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What should I pack in my Hospital Bag?

Updated: Nov 11, 2021

Most of the times we are told to pack too many things to go to the hospital, but what should we actually bring for our baby's birth? Here you can find the most important items to pack in your Hospital Bag.

For the birthing person:

For Labour:

HypnoBirthing Handouts

  • HypnoBirthing Coiled Handouts & Birth Preference Sheets

  • House coat & comfy clothes (remember these will get dirty and might be hard to wash off)

  • Slippers & warm socks (specially if you're always cold like me!)

  • Lip balm

  • Water bottle & snacks (I do recommend a cup with a straw because it will be easier to drink from a straw at the last stages of labour)

After Birth:

  • Nursing Bras w/breast pads

  • Underwear (at least 2 pairs)

  • Snacks

  • Medication you take

  • Toiletries

To make the space your own

It is important to make the birthing space your own, so feel free to take with you all of the things that can make that happen! Some of the things I've seen and my clients have enjoyed bringing into the hospital are:

  • Your favourite affirmations printed or made by you

  • Salt lamp

  • Essential Oils (I would recommend you to use essential oils on a towel so that you can have them close by and you can get rid of them when baby is born. Remember babies are very sensitive to scents and we should keep the space as scent-free as possible to support breastfeeding).

  • Opening Blossom visualization

  • HypnoBirthing Door sign

  • Lights/lightbulbs of your birthing color

  • Speaker/phone & chargers (batteries die pretty quickly when playin music constantly)

  • HypnoBirthing Relaxation and Affirmations (You can also have a special playlist for labour; it can be relaxing music or upbeat to dance or both)

For the Birth Companion/Partner:

  • Snacks

  • Toiletries

  • Change of clothes & pjs

  • A button up shirt or sweater to do skin to skin with baby after birth

For the Baby:

  • A few diapers (just in case)

  • Two onesies/undershirts

  • A special outfit to leave the hospital/for pictures

  • A blanket (consider the weather when choosing the blanket)

If there's anything else I have forgotten to add, please comment below. This list will be updated as needed.

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