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Your Baby's Instructions Manual!

Updated: Jul 30, 2023

Did you ever hope that your new baby would come with an instructions manual? I know I did for sure, and unfortunately for me and for my daughter, when she was born, I thought this wasn't possible.

But guess what?

It is possible and I will share with you how in this blog post!

I know that having a new baby around is definitely a game changer, whether this is your first, your fifth or anywhere in between, it always brings a bit of chaos to our lives; and most of us always wished our babies could come with an instructions manual.

"By learning the DBL Baby Language System we were able to quickly identify what our baby needed. It was amazing" - Liz

If you want to:

  • Understand what your newborn is telling you.

  • Avoid crying with your baby because you don't know what else to try or do.

  • Learn how to understand your newborn baby's cries and satisfy their needs quickly and efficiently.

  • Feel confident in responding to your baby.

  • Have your baby sleeping for longer periods of time so that you can also rest more.

You gotta hear me out!

DBL Baby Language is a system that will teach you how to understand your newborn baby's cries.

In DBL, we believe that crying is communicating, and it is the only way our babies can let us know something's going on with them!

In DBL we know:

  • That there are five different sounds, and each one of them relates to one specific need.

  • That sounds are caused by physical reflexes.

  • That when you use the DBL Baby Language System, you only need to listen to your baby to understand what they're trying to tell you and be able to calm them easily.

  • That when you understand what your baby is saying and you respond to their needs quickly, there is no reason for them to cry for long periods of time.

  • That when your baby actually IS HUNGRY, they will have a deeper latch, which will help you in your breastfeeding journey.

  • That there is no need for parents to let their baby "cry it out".

The DBL Baby Language System helps to take out the guesswork, trial and error and checklists when caring for a newborn. —

"When I decided to take the DBL Baby Language Class, I wasn't sure how much it would actually help me; however, once my baby was born I realized I could actually understand what she needed and helped me build an amazing bond with her. She is a very happy and easy going baby!" - Ireri

Register to one of my DBL Baby Language Workshops and connect better with your baby starting today :)

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